The Privacy Policy for App Sales Trends App


No Information about Your App Sales Is Shared

All information about the app sales that are downloaded from Apple or imported from files are saved in the user/Application Support/appSalesTrends folder. None of that data is ever transmitted outside the app.

Reports Are Downloaded Directly from Apple

The AppSalesTrends app connects directly to to download new daily reports using iTunes access tokens. There is no need to store any of your data in the cloud, or to give your iTunes password.

No Ads

The AppSalesTrends app does not have any ads.

The App Works Without an Internet Connection

The AppSalesTrends app does not require an Internet connection to work, expect when the user downloads new reports from Apple, checks for updates, or the app downloads new currency rates.

The app downloads data from 3 sites:


The app downloads new sales reports from

European Central Bank is the web site of European Central Bank. The app uses ECB public api to fetch the latest currency data every time the app is launced. The most recent succesfull ECB data is saved and used if there is no internet connection. Recent currency values are only used for sales that happened after the latest Apple payment. For historical sales the currency information is already in the app for each Apple payment date.

ECB currency api:

The app uses Sparkle to handle updates and all files realated to udpating in are stored in AWS (Amazon Web Storage).

The app does not use Sparkle system profiling:

You can disable automatic checking for updates in the preferences. If automatic checking for updates is disabled, the app does not contact AWS unless you check for updates manually by selecting Check for Updates... from the AppSalesTrends menu. It is recommended to let the app check for updates automatically.

The app sends data to 1 site:

The app sends crash reports to Fabric by Twitter is a collection of tools for developers. Their privacy policy .

No In-App Purchases

The AppSalesTrends app does not contain in-app purchases.

No Integration with Social Media Sites

The AppSalesTrends app does not contain any integration with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites or services.

Your iTunes Connect Access Token Saved in Your Mac's Keychain

To download new reports the App Sales Trends app needs user's iTunes Connect Access Token. The token is saved in the Keychain of the user's Mac. The token can only be used to download sales reports. The app never asks for your iTunes password.


The Privacy Policy for the Website

You Can Sign up for the Newsletter

There is a form that you can use to sign up for the newsletter. The form has a place for name and email information. The information is only used to send the newsletter. The newsletters are sent using MailChimp, please also see the MailChimp privacy policy.

No Other Information of Any Kind Is Collected

The website does not collect any information about the user unless the user submits the information using the contact form. 

You Can Request to See Your Personal Data

The only way for us to have any data about you is for you to have contacted us through email or the contact form. If you would like to see that data, please contact us by email and request to see or delete this information.

Your Data Is Not Shared with Others

Your data is never shared with any third party.

You Can Ask Privacy Questions

Please contact me through the contact form or email


The Privacy Policy for the Website

Sales are handled by FastSpring. If you click the 'Buy' button you will go to the AppSalesTrends store on FastSpring. You can read their privacy policy at:


This privacy policy was updated May 21, 2018

Esa Helttula