Some of the Features

For a more complete set of features please read the help pages.

Download or Import Daily Reports

Download from Apple - let the app download up to 365 latest daily reports.

Automatic downloads - the app can download the latest reports automatically.

Import from Files - if you have reports that are over 365 days old you can manually import them.

You can download daily reports using a unique access token that can only be used to download daily reports. You can generate the access token in iTunes Connect.

Download daily reports without your Apple ID password

Select what to Include in Graphs

You can select any combination of categories, apps, countries, or devices.

Cagetories - products, IAP, bundles, EDU

Products - your iOS and Mac App Store apps, bundles, IAPs, and iOS B2B apps.

Countries - 155 countries and territories where the App Store is available. 

Devices - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, and Desktop.

Select What to Show in Graphs

Revenue - show revenue.

Total downloads - show volume of total downloads.

Paid downloads - show volume of paid downloads.

Gift purchases - show volume of gift purchases.

Free downloads - show volume of free downloads.

Promo codes - show volume of promo codes.

Refunds - show volume of refunds.


Complete my bundle refunds - show volume of complete my bundles refunds.

Updates - show volume of updates.

Select Which Countries to Include in Graphs


Individual Countries - see sales in just one country.

Groups of Countries - select the countries that you want.

Continents - You can quickly turn on or off all  countries in a continent.

Use Colors In Graphs

Hover over any part of the graphs and you will see detail pop-ups of your sales.

Custom Color for Each App - set the color of each app in graphs.

Custom Color for Each Product Type - set different colors for paid apps, iap's, bundles, and edu sales.

Custom Color for Each Country - set the color of each country in graphs.

Don't Use Colors - you can turn off colors at any time.

Hide all revenue and other figures in graphs

Presentation Mode

When using constant currencies changes from year to year are easier because all currency conversions are made using the latest exchange rates.

Constant Currencies

Moving Average with Comparison

Moving Average - see the weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly moving average.

For an explanation of Moving Average, please see the SMA View page.

Comparison Moving Average - see the moving average from previous year, quarter, month, or week at the same time as the current moving average.

          See the Apple Fiscal Calendar and get estimates of your next payment.

Apple Fiscal Calendar


Get an estimate of your next payment from Apple.

Payment Estimates

Mix Reports

Product Type Mix - see proceeds in currency, percentages, and graphically for each product type (app, bundle, edu, iap).

Date Range - set the date range for the Mix Report.



Product Mix - see proceeds in currency, percentages and, graphically for each app, bundle, and iap.

Country Mix - see proceeds in currency, percentages, and graphically for each country. 

Device Mix - see purchases in each type of device.

Daily Reports

The app has beautiful daily reports that show every single detail of your sales. You can also browse historical reports.

Paid Apps - revenue from each paid app by country:

Gifted Apps - revenue from each gifted app by country.

Free Apps - number of downloads of each free app by country.

App Refunds - refunded revenue from each returned app by country.

Bundle Sales - revenue from each app bundle by country.

Gifted Bundles - revenue from each gifted app bundle by country. 

Complete-My-Bundle Refunds - refunded revenue from each complete-my-bundle return by country.

Bundle Refunds - refunded revenue from each returned app bundle by country.

Paid EDU Sales - revenue from each paid educational volume purchase by country.

Free EDU Sales - number of free educational volume downloads by country.

EDU Refunds - refunded revenue from each returned educational volume purchase by country.

IAP - revenue from each in-app-purchase by country.

IAP Subscriptions - revenue from each in-app-subsciption by country.

IAP Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (New) - revenue from new auto-renewable subscriptions by country.

IAP Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (Renewals) - revenue from renewed auto-renewable subscriptions by country.

Free IAP Subscriptions - number of free in-app-subsciption by country.

IAP Refunds - refunded revenue from each returned in-app-purchase by country.

24 Currencies

24 Currencies - all graphs and reports in the currency of your choice:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Chinese Yuan
  • Danish Krone
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Indian Rupee
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Japanese Yen
  • Mexican Peso
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Russian Rouble
  • Saudi Riyal
  • Singapore Dollar
  • South African Rand
  • Swedish Krona
  • Swiss Franc
  • Taiwan Dollar
  • Turkish Lira
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham
  • US Dollar

Historical Currency Data - the app has built-in historical currency exchange rates from the beginning of the App Store.

Updated Currency Data - the app automatically updates exchange rates.


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