Access tokens

AppSalesTrends app uses Apple’s Reporter tool api to download daily sales reports. The Reporter tool api requres an access token - sometimes also called a reporter token - to authenticate your request.

Where can you get your access token?

You can generate access token in iTunes Connect or by using Apple Reporter tool.


Access token in App Store Connect

Log in to App Store Connect and from the home page select Sales and Trends.

In the Sales and Trends page there is a left-hand side menu. Select Sales and Trends Reports from that menu.

Int the upper-right corner there is a tooltip. Click on it and you get a menu. Click the Generate Reporter Token link and you will get a new token.

What if you can’t generate a new access token?

Please note that sometimes the Generate Reporter Token link does not work for some users. If that is the case for you, you need to use Apple’s Reporter tool.

Access token using Apple’s Reporter tool

Apple’s Reporter tool is written in Java and to run it you need a Java developement kit (JDK) that you can download from Oracle.

Download instructions and usage examples for the Reporter Tool are in

The Reporter folder contains two items: Reporter.jar and For downloading you access token, you do not need to edit the properties file.

Before you start to use Reporter you need to do one more thing if you use Apple’s two-factor authentication. The Reporter tool does not work with two-factor authentication and therefore you need to generate an app-specific password for it at Apple ID account page.

Now you can open Terminal, cd to the Reporter folder, and type:

java -jar Reporter.jar Sales.generateToken

For password, give your Apple ID password if you don’t use two-factor authentication, or the app-specific password that you generated at Apple ID account page.

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