App Store sales tracking

App Sales Trends is a Mac app for downloading and analyzing your iOS & Mac App Store sales.

I use the app every day and for most of my basic check-ins to get a sense of how the day went, it’s been my tool of choice for analyzing numbers.
— Raul Gutierrez, Tinybop, maker of iPad app of the year 2015

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AppSalesTrends is the only tool that allows me to analyze each kind of sale and download - paid apps, bundles, edu sales, and IAP’s - precisely.
— Pierre Abel, L'Escapadou

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You can use default colors or set a custom color to all apps and categores. If you are only interested in bundles sales, or app and IAP sales, or EDU sales, or any other combination of sales, you can select the categories that you want to include in the graphs.